Maximum Legal Protection
Intellectual Property And Business Law

Harnessing an idea is the fun and rewarding part. My enterprise, the Law Office of Nadia Semerdjieva, works behind the scenes to protect what you have created and help you leverage your business opportunities for utmost success.

Shepherding Your Brand

Intellectual property (IP) needs to be nurtured and guarded. I can help your business perform a trademark search, establish trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, manage your IP portfolio and litigate infringement disputes. My proactive approach to mitigating risks enables you to confidently capitalize on your innovations.

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Doing What Others Can’t Or Won’t

Trademark Law and Litigation

Trademark Law And Litigation

Small Business and Commercial Law

Small Business And Commercial Law

Sharp And Meticulous Focus

My background is in economics and business finance, with an LL.M. in intellectual property law, in addition to my J.D. In my 15 years as in-house counsel and of counsel consultant, I served the spectrum from fledgling entrepreneurs to multinational corporations. The common thread is my tenacious attention to detail and unwavering focus on my clients’ needs and goals.

Supporting Small Businesses

I help small companies and startups anticipate and confront legal matters that arise in the course of business. My in-depth experience translates to sophisticated counsel for business development, contracts and transactions, employment law, IP law, regulatory compliance, landlord evictions and targeted litigation of business and commercial disputes.

Our Trademark Product Offerings

The Law Office of Nadia Semerdjieva regularly provides trademark services locally and internationally for small and large businesses. Services include trademark searches, submission of trademark applications to the USPTO, responding to examiner denials and publishing and responding to any Notice of Opposition. Please see my range of trademark product offerings.