Maximum Legal Protection
Intellectual Property And Business Law

Protecting Trademarks And Managing Your IP Portfolio

In a crowded marketplace, your intellectual property is your edge. The Law Office of Nadia Semerdjieva can help your business establish, maintain, leverage and defend trademarks for maximum protection and optimum results.

You want an IP attorney who will take the time to understand your business, your goals and your market. I offer one-on-one counsel and representation to startups and small businesses in California, nationwide and internationally.

Trademark Registration: Staking Your Claim

I shepherd you through the process of establishing trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office:

  • Trademark search for similar names, slogans, logos, symbols, etc.
  • Submitting a trademark application to the USPTO
  • Responding to the examiner’s denial or request for clarification
  • Publishing and responding to Notice of Opposition (if any)

The smallest details are important in vetting trademark applications and registration. My careful and meticulous approach allows you to confidently proceed. Even after your trademark is registered with the USPTO, competitors may challenge it through a Petition to Cancel.

Trademark Maintenance And Protection

Registering a trademark makes it official and provides the greatest initial protection, but your service mark must be tended and cultivated. I provide comprehensive IP portfolio management, including:

  • Proactively monitoring filing deadlines and renewals
  • Revival of lapsed trademarks
  • Transfers or licensing of trademarks
  • Enforcement (cease-and-desist or takedown notices)
  • Prosecuting or defending trademark infringement lawsuits

When disputes arise over the likelihood of confusion or flagrant infringement, I can capably protect your interests in USPTO proceedings, settlement negotiations or trademark litigation.

Full-Service Support For Small Businesses

I counsel business owners in all facets of business and commercial law, from startups and contracts to employee disputes or business litigation. My philosophy is to help clients avoid costly conflicts through proactive measures and address disputes swiftly when they arise. I strive to make sure your business and financial needs receive protection.

Uniquely Qualified To Shepherd Your Trademarks

I have an LL.M. (advanced law degree) in intellectual property law, and I handled the full spectrum of business matters in my previous role as in-house counsel for an international company. Put my focused experience to work for you. Call me at 888-730-4977 or email me to schedule a consultation.