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Services Provided When Taking Over A Trademark Application

All of the following are for attorney time, if there are any USPTO government fees, they would be additional.

  • There have been no actions, but you desire a trademark attorney, upon that attorney’s approval, to handle the application. ($600)

Minor Office Actions:

  • Disclaimer needed ($187)
  • A U.S.-licensed attorney needed to represent the foreign applicant ($187)
  • Specific terms require translation ($187)
  • You require consent or disclaimer from a living person ($257)
  • An incorrect specimen submitted concerning proof-of-use ($357)
  • There is a requirement for the changing or clarification of a mailing address or the entity details ($257)
  • Incorrect description, drawing, or color claim of the mark ($257)
  • There is requirement for a Notice of Allowance being issued or Statement/Declaration of Use or Extension of Time required. ($257 plus $250 filing fee per class for Statement of Use. First-class covered with submission. Additional classes are $250 a piece. Should an extension be needed rather than a statement of use, we charge $175 per class for extensions. Therefore, amount overpaid are credited towards any future filings.)
  • Changes needed due to an improper signature or missing signature ($257)
  • Need for a Supplemental Register amendment ($257)

Major Office Actions (subject to attorney approval):

  • A discovery that the trademark is “merely descriptive” ($750)
  • There is a likelihood of Confusion – meaning the trademark office considers the trademark to be too similar to an already existing trademark ($750)
  • The trademark is potentially deceptive or misleading ($750)
  • There is possible confusion between the trademark and a surname ($750)

Helping You Complete The Trademark Process

Should you have additional questions concerning the taking over of your trademark application, please contact my office by calling 888-730-4977, texting me at 714-717-0387 or reaching me through WhatsApp.