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Helping Maintain Your Trademark

All of the following are for attorney time (the USPTO government fees, would be additional):

  • 5-6 year maintenance filling, Declaration of Use (§ 8 or § 71) ($257)
  • 9-10 year renewal and Declaration of Use (§ 9 or § 8) ($357)
  • 5-year Incontestability filling (§ 15) ($275)
  • If it has been too long and the trademark has expired, a new application is needed. It may be able to be expedited ($600 upon attorney approval

From there, the client should have the ability to send me an email (along with their purchase or separately). The email should have a field where the client is prompted to enter the:

  • Mark’s serial/registration number
  • Exact words on the mark and/or upload the mark
  • A weblink where one can see the mark being used

Contact My Office Concerning Your Trademark Concerns

For additional inquiries regarding the maintenance of your trademark, you can reach my office by calling 888-730-4977, texting me at 714-717-0387 or reaching me through WhatsApp.